Sitting Down in the Psychotherapy Space

In case anyone was curious about designing the therapy space, this article gives you a front row seat. The article, written by Penelope Green in the New York Times, explores the thinking that goes into the space that clinicians and patients occupy together. It contemplates establishing a home or separate business practice. It illuminates how integrally tied this space is to the psychology/life experience/taste of the therapist or analyst & furthermore, how patients begin to perceive the space and its decoration. It’s fascinating to consider the origins of people’s perceptions about what looks good and what they want surrounding them, regardless if they’re on the couch or in the therapist’s chair. Clearly, Ms. Green takes up the question of ‘presentation’ and how it impacts the therapeutic exchange. Have a look at “What’s in a Chair?” below, or perhaps more apropros, take a seat.

You might also check out Saul Robbins’ series, “Initial Intake.” It’s a series of photographs that capture the the view from the couch. It is featured in the article.

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