Going Beyond the Presenting Problem: Gun Control + Mental Health


Recent massacres in schools and movie theatres shook the nation and understandably jolted us at our cores. Terror is always difficult to make sense of, but we should undoubtedly keep trying. An article in the NYT (article here), distributed 1hr ago, reflects on the potential source of problems yielding terror. The repetition of terror goes well BEYOND the reductive, need-for-gun-control conclusion. Much to the dismay of the arguing binary, gun control is only a partial attempt to address the underlying problem. The New York Times cites that some folks “up there” might finally be getting it.

True, there does not seem to be a need for one to own an assault weapon, but it seems also important to ask ‘why would someone desire that in the first place?’  The reality is, people do, whether there is gun control or not. It seems far more advantageous to focus on mental health improvement in this country.

And if you missed the link above, here is the article again: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/13/us/politics/senators-make-bipartisan-push-for-mental-health-care.html?_r=0

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