Can we interrupt tragedy? The loss of Robin Williams

I beg you, when you’re scanning the darkness and hit a moment where you believe that it really doesn’t matter if you’re here, tell someone. It’s in these moments that we think, ‘no one else will get it.’ And yet, there is likely someone who is willing to try and journey with you away from the underworld.

This is not to say that depression is easily interrupted or that it can be instantly cured by the love of others. And I am by no means saying that Mr. Williams did not seek help. He had lots of both, in fact. Even after considerable care, depression can appear in episodes, be brief, arrive anew after a major life event or surgery, or simply stay for a very long, wretched time. It can be covered over or take a holiday, but it might always rear its head. Anticipating this and being gentle with yourself, I think, could make a difference. You just might find an opportunity to appreciate who you are enough to stay and fight the torturous voice that beckons you to depart. It’s an exhausting fight undoubtedly, and Robin Williams appeared to have a long, hard battle.

Robin Williams: you’ve brought so much laughter and comedic relief in spite of your darkness. May we go on to appreciate your life from the inside out & the utter complexity of our inner selves, regardless of what we put out to the world.

Think that you need to consult with someone now? Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Peruse and for further therapeutic resources in your area. Ongoing support is available.


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