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Is it me or is it capitalism? 

Check out this thought provoking, Dear Abby-esque inquiry & response. What do you think? While it seems unrelated, I found myself thinking of this clip that I saw of Lady Gaga earlier today. She’s speaking to the lies that we can buy into (which we all do) how we’re losing connection with […]

The Frame

An architect shares her views of the psychotherapeutic frame, reminding us how extensive that frame really is.   Read her thoughts HERE   

On Neediness: the undesirable trait and suggestions on how to deal with it

  On Neediness: the undesirable trait and suggestions on how to deal with it By Lindsay R. Repko, LMFT Fundamentally, there is nothing wrong with having needs, nor is really wanting your needs to be met. Our culture however, has turned neediness into a kind of taboo. The word itself almost instantly incites an irritating […]

Freudian slip: One woman’s experience in psychoanalysis

This author delineates her experience in psychoanalysis. To her surprise, her Freudian analyst offers much help and perspective. Freud offered many gifts to the field, the Freudian slip being one of them. Enjoy. Article Here from the Canadian Huffington Post!

Psychotherapy in the Digital Age

Quick, interesting read. Although I found it a bit pathologizing, throwing around unhelpful words like ‘borderline,’ the message is good.

Shrink Rap Radio

I found this website recently, and really appreciate what they’re doing. Mostly, the website offers various podcasts in conversation with clinicians. It’s kind of like NPR specifically for depth psychology. Here’s the website link: The following podcast, featuring Raul Moncayo from Mission Mental Health, perked my interest & led me to “bookmark” the page […]

“Le Mur”: Facing a Wall Regarding Autism

The following article is a response to the French documentary, “Le Mur” by Sophie Robert. If you have not heard about the film, you can read about it here, as it was announced in the New York Times. It has reignited the seemingly endless binary battle between psychoanalysis and behaviorism, while also illuminating yet another […]

Looking at fame…

FAME: The Power and Cost of a Fantasy

This is a lovely article by Sue Erikson Bloland. She is the daughter of a prominent psychoanalyst, Erik Erikson. Perhaps today, in the age of reality tv and a vast number of people seeking large-scale recognition for their innovation, it behooves us to grapple with the topic of fame.