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Activism, Climate Change, & the Psyche

Naomi Klein’s book, now a documentary, This Changes Everything, focuses on climate change and how our responses to it, indicate a mass abandonment and displacement of ourselves and others.

“Le Mur”: Facing a Wall Regarding Autism

The following article is a response to the French documentary, “Le Mur” by Sophie Robert. If you have not heard about the film, you can read about it here, as it was announced in the New York Times. It has reignited the seemingly endless binary battle between psychoanalysis and behaviorism, while also illuminating yet another […]

Relationships: Contemplating them

The following is an excerpt from the book Schopenauer’s Porcupines by gifted writer, Deborah Anna Luepnitz, PhD. She writes about relationships in an accessible way and captures nuances like few others. I encourage you to consider purchasing the whole book. She also wrote The Family Interpreted. [The porcupine was a gift to Freud from psychologist […]