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Dreams: What do we do with them?

People often ask me what therapists do with dreams, to which I respond, “It’s nuanced and highly individual.” These people then often seem surprised or disappointed that there’s not some blanket interpretation for their dreams. I thought this snippet from an interview with psychoanalyst, Stephen Grosz, teases out the answer to the question a little […]

Going Beyond the Presenting Problem: Gun Control + Mental Health

Recent massacres in schools and movie theatres shook the nation and understandably jolted us at our cores. Terror is always difficult to make sense of, but we should undoubtedly keep trying. An article in the NYT (article here), distributed 1hr ago, reflects on the potential source of problems yielding terror. The repetition of terror goes […]

Historical Freud

I found this video on the website, The Candidate. It’s lengthy but interesting. It gives an extensive historical context for Freud’s developments in psychoanalysis. For me, I was reminded of how remarkable his contributions were then and continue to be, particularly when one considers his landscape. Enjoy.

Proof is in the Pudding. Research on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Perhaps you’re wondering if it really works. Maybe you’re somehow convinced that it can’t actually be helpful, as most research or stereotypes would have you believe. ¬†Below you’ll find a number of articles outlining the efficacy of psychodynamic & psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It seems to me that if you invest in treatment, it’d be helpful to […]

Psychotherapy in the Digital Age

Quick, interesting read. Although I found it a bit pathologizing, throwing around unhelpful words like ‘borderline,’ the message is good.