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Can we interrupt tragedy? The loss of Robin Williams

I beg you, when you’re scanning the darkness and hit a moment where you believe that it really doesn’t matter if you’re here, tell someone. It’s in these moments that we think, ‘no one else will get it.’ And yet, there is likely someone who is willing to try and journey with you away from […]

Proof is in the Pudding. Research on Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Perhaps you’re wondering if it really works. Maybe you’re somehow convinced that it can’t actually be helpful, as most research or stereotypes would have you believe. ¬†Below you’ll find a number of articles outlining the efficacy of psychodynamic & psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It seems to me that if you invest in treatment, it’d be helpful to […]

Affording Therapy

First, you’ll want to consider what is possible for you financially. The Bay Area is a rich resource of seasoned, highly skilled clinicians. I would first suggest that you inquire with friends or colleagues who are in the field. They can most likely point you in the right direction. Here are also some online resources […]