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Activism, Climate Change, & the Psyche

Naomi Klein’s book, now a documentary, This Changes Everything, focuses on climate change and how our responses to it, indicate a mass abandonment and displacement of ourselves and others.

Film: Black Psychoanalysts Speak

Awesome film, not to be missed. I suggest finding an hour to view it. Better yet, discuss it afterwards. Link to Black Psychoanalysts Speak Film & Transcript It will also be viewed/discussed this Friday, 1/9 from 6:30-8:30p at PINC in SF. $10 members, $20 general public

Going Beyond the Presenting Problem: Gun Control + Mental Health

Recent massacres in schools and movie theatres shook the nation and understandably jolted us at our cores. Terror is always difficult to make sense of, but we should undoubtedly keep trying. An article in the NYT (article here), distributed 1hr ago, reflects on the potential source of problems yielding terror. The repetition of terror goes […]