I beg you, when you’re scanning the darkness and hit a moment where you believe that it really doesn’t matter if you’re here, tell someone. It’s in these moments that we think, ‘no one else will get it.’ And yet, there is likely someone who is willing to try and journey with you away from […]

Her book, The Center Cannot Hold, is an interesting read. Here she is in a TED talk. http://www.ted.com/talks/elyn_saks_seeing_mental_illness


Jonathan Shedler’s article on the efficacy of psychodynamic therapy has been making waves. More and more articles are being written debunking long standing myths on the practice of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Here’s one from the Huffington Post by Dr. Wendy Jacobsen http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/461426

Lovely video by Tanya Davis, a Canadian poet and filmmaker, Andrea Dorfman.

Aside from being humorous, this video demonstrates the difficulty that emerges in interpersonal relationships. It seems that both might be responsible for the breakdown in communication here. What do you think?

Check out this article from the New Yorker. This research is becoming more and more popular in legal arenas alongside developments in neuroscience. Ultimately, I think it’s hard for me to imagine that we could ever get the unconscious down to a science, it certainly supports the importance of it and the power it holds. […]